International Repatriation Services

Repatriation is the process of returning a deceased foreign national to their home of record or other designated country. This process is made up of many individual tasks that must be completed in specified orders and to strict regulations set forth by both local and national authorities.

At Evergreen Funeral Services, we understand losing a loved one overseas carries the additional distress of being unfamiliar with customs and procedures that can be vastly different to those you are used to in your home country. To add to this the processing of legal documentation can also be a complicated and lengthy task, involving many government ministries and agencies. Our goal is to assist the family in all ways possible to ensure the timely return of their loved one, while adhering to all necessary local and international laws and regulations.

Burial and Cremation Services

Evergreen Funeral Services provides dignified burials or cremation in Cambodia to honor the memory of loved ones. We understand that families may prefer to return their relative home for a local burial and memorial service, so we also offer comprehensive repatriation services.


There are a number of picturesque cemeteries in Cambodia where we can arrange a final resting place for your loved one. We can prepare the deceased for burial, provide for an appropriate casket and assist with funeral rites, all planned and managed according to each family’s specific needs.


If you prefer the deceased to be cremated locally in Cambodia, there are a number of options. Ashes can be returned home to the family, placed in a Wat (temple) in Cambodia, or scattered in the Gulf of Siam.


Many families choose to return the deceased to their home of record or other designated country. For detailed information regarding this process, please read our repatriation services section.

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Foreign and Domestic Government liaison

At Evergreen Funeral Services, our highly trained and dedicated staff work closely with the embassies and local authorities to assist the family with legal procedures including the submission and processing of all necessary documentation.

Repatriation can at times be a lengthy and confusing process for family’s not familiar with a foreign system. Our staff keeps families updated on the filing progress while ensuring all requirements are fulfilled properly and in accordance with the laws and regulations of both Cambodia and the international world community.

In addition to working with the foreign embassies within Cambodia, we also work closely with the local ministries to ensure that each family receives the highest level of attention and the timeliest services possible.

Multi-Faith Services

Our team treats all beliefs with equal dignity and respect. Working with the international community has provided Evergreen Funeral Services with valuable experience, and we’re confident in our ability to provide services that cater to all recognized faiths.

Using our extensive partnerships throughout the Phnom Penh religious community, we provide families with access to local faith-based organizations or religious dignitaries of their choice for the administering of any final rites. Where possible, we will use our close partnerships to arrange a service that meets your specific needs.